Human Resources

The Human Resources department (other names for which include Human Capital and the now old-fashioned Personnel) has a broad remit that generally includes recruitment, payroll and benefits, redundancies and outplacement, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in such areas as immigration, tax and social security. Talent management may also form part of it.

In all but large multinational companies, which employ HR global mobility specialists, responsibility for the management of international assignments often falls to HR managers, whether they are in a generalist role or a compensation and benefits department. Read more

HR managers must possess wide-ranging skills and knowledge if they are to ensure their companies are compliant in their management of international relocations and the various international assignment services that support operations overseas. They need up-to-date information on immigration, expatriate tax and benefits, social security and international pensions, with an awareness of the health and security threats their international assignees may face. Duty of care is an issue that no company can afford to neglect.

This section provides the news, articles, tools and advice needed by HR managers, whether or not they are managing international assignments and relocations. With contributions from experts, including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), it covers employment law, procurement, recruitment, training and development, new technology to help make HR’s job easier – and more.

For detailed coverage of specific topics, see our International Assignments, Immigration, Global Health and Wellness, Talent Management and Technology sections. For details of organisations in the global mobility industry that provide international assignment services, see our Directory. Read less

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – CIPD

Image of faceless team gathered round laptops

Technically adept, but leaders lack people skills: CIPD

A new assessment by HR professionals suggests senior leaders can do more to boost workforce potential by developing their people management skills.
Peter Cheese at CIPD conference 2015

Brexit news: CIPD urges talks on talent and clarity on expats

The CIPD is seeking engagement from government to ensure the UK has the skills employers need post-Brexit where the UK has more control over immigration.
Image of pile of pens and coins

Money worries linked to poor performance, warns CIPD study

A new report from the CIPD in conjunction with asset managers Close Brothers highlights the scale of employees’ financial worries and the impact on productivity.


Scene of junk ship in China waterfront

‘No great difference’ between expat and local managers in China

New research published by the LSE investigates the pros and cons of multinational companies using local versus expat managers in China.
LinkedIn HR survey. Company Values important

Company values a 'deal-breaker' for job candidates

Half of UK professionals would consider turning down job offers from companies that don’t share their purpose, according to LinkedIn research.

Brexit won't affect number of people hired according to almost half of UK businesses

New research conducted by totaljobs offers insight into opinions of both employers and candidates following the EU Referendum.


Foreign hiring curbs worrying UK jobs market

Foreign hiring curbs worrying UK jobs market

The latest recruitment survey by IHS Markit and REC has found increases in both permanent staff placements and employee vacancies, with the highest demand in the engineering and IT sectors.
Santa Fe Relocation Services Accelerate Graduate Scheme

Santa Fe accelerates talent acquisition with new graduate programme

Santa Fe Relocation Services has launched its new graduate recruitment programme that will see new recruits working in both the London and Singapore offices and learning practical skills through a rotation scheme.
Google logo

Google gives go-ahead for London HQ

Technology giant Google has announced plans to build a new headquarters in London despite fears over possible immigration curbs.


PwC 20th annual CEO survey

UK CEOs concerned about soaring employee skill gap

The latest PwC CEO survey highlights the likelihood of skills shortages by 2022. The Open University focuses on the need for education. And Jaguar Land Rover invests in training for future generations.
Monochrome image of thumbs up gesture

Trust in me: simple communications key

An online poll by the Academy of Executive Coaching suggests when it comes to how leaders can best build and maintain trust, plain speaking is a must.
Talent development and diversity management

Building capabilities: talent and diversity management

As debate about the role of relocation in building organisational capability, developing talent and fostering diversity continues, Dr Sue Shortland examines the latest thinking.


Ranks of trucks parked

New survey reveals relocation costs in 75 world cities

An online provider of moving services has created a ready reckoner for average move costs in the wake of Brexit and data on Millennials’ hunger to relocate.
Severn Bridge in the morning

Cardiff beats London in Global Cities’ Talent Competitiveness Index

Quality of life, R&D investment, education and infrastructure combined to see Cardiff claim the UK's highest place in a new global index examining the talent competitiveness of major world cities.
Male holding young child

Workplace cultures risk alienating fathers: new study

New research suggests working fathers increasingly face similar dilemmas to working mothers as the government undertakes a new consultation to assess support for fathers in the workplace.

Employment Law

Illustration of world map and scales of justice

New study calls for ‘glocal’ approach to employment regulation

A white paper from global employment industry representative body World Employment Confederation (WEC) is calling for international cooperation to adjust labour regulations.
UK employment law for British expats

Appeal ruling opens UK employment law to British expats

British expats may be able to use UK employment law following a ruling by the EAT, with potential implications for HR departments.

Singapore – Forthcoming higher minimum salary requirement for employment pass applications

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore has announced an increase in the minimum qualifying salary for Employment Pass (EP) applications, with effect from 1 January 2017.
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